Jayme Nunez

I joined Crossfit Awaken as a way to get in shape and lose some weight.  Well, now I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been and I’ve lost some weight, but more than that I’ve realized that I am capable of so much more than I thought.  CrossFit has taught me to push when things get hard, and when you don’t think you can push anymore, fight through the pain and give it all you’ve got.  This mentality bleeds into everyday life as well.

My husband and I are both a part of the CFA Family and my kids are a part of the CrossFit Kids program.  CrossFit has become something we can all do together.  When my husband and I talk about the movements, our PR’s and times our kids get excited to tell us about everything they’re learning.  CrossFit is helping us lead our kids in a healthy direction that will benefit them in their futures.  CFA has also given me the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people.  People who cheer you on through a tough WOD, give you words of encouragement and who will never put you down.  I am blessed to know these people, and I am thankful to CrossFit Awaken for bringing all of us together.

Peter Dixon

I have been working out for the past 15 years.  I have done just about everything from sports teams, gyms, P90x, and other home workouts.  Growing up, I was used to the gym atmosphere of going, getting chewed out if you forgot your towel, not talking with a soul, working out for 45 minutes and then leaving.  That has been my experience at most gyms whether it be LA Fitness, 24 hour fitness, Anytime Fitness or smaller more local gyms.  Then at home, workouts typically only last a couple months before the distractions of this world get in the way.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Crossfit.  I never tried it, but saw videos and was interested in trying it out.  I talked with one BOX owner who shared with me his price.  I could not believe how high it was.  That made me hold off those plans for a couple years.  But then I found out about a Crossfit opening in Beaumont.  That very day my wife and I heard about it, we came in for a free session.  It’s not like a typical gym tour where they have you pull on a machine or two.  They throw you in with the lions that first day, to really show you what you can expect.

Knowing I was in shape at the time, I thought it would be a decent but not impossible challenge.  Half way through I could not believe what my body was experiencing.  I knew I had to finish and try to keep up with the members of the class, but I barely made it.  That night we signed up for a year.  I knew that although I try to push my body as hard as I can, Crossfit would take me beyond that next level.

Over the past year it has been great to see how Crossfit Awaken really wants the best for it’s clients.  The owners Chris and Danielle put so much money back into the gym on a monthly basis.  Purchasing more weights, new equipment, and expanding the building.  Since I have joined, the amount of equipment and the size of the warehouse has more than doubled.

The real important thing however is the coaching.  You can go to ten different Crossfits and find 10 different coaching styles.  Chris being the main owner and main trainer keeps high standards for the clients that are very committed.  If you are new, he will always take that into consideration and modify workouts as need be.  However, if he sees that you are athletic and determined, he will push you.  Not only in an intense way, but making sure you are practicing your lifts legitimately.  He understands from a clients perspective that these lifts are very technical and will give grace when he knows you are giving it 100%.  But if you are lax and slack, he will call that out too.

Then you have Danielle, who is Chris’s wife who at first glance seems very sweet and quiet, until you see her workout and realize that she is a beast you are always trying to keep up with.  For the first 3 or 4 months, it was actually my goal to beat her at the daily WODs.  While coaching, a second side of Danielle comes out that can be scary.  She pays close attention to what your doing and how you are doing it.  If she sees something wrong she has no problem yelling it from across the room.  Sometimes it’s hilarious, but most of the time, it really helps you step it up.

Overall, Crossfit Awaken has been such a great place to gain support, knowledge and increasing your athletic ability.  The community atmosphere during every WOD makes you want to come back the next day and the day after that.  Seeing fat shed and muscle growth week by week on yourself and the other clients, makes it easy to see why this is the right place to be.  I couldn’t imagine working out any other way now.


Debbie Royer

Crossfit testimonials are full of people sharing how Crossfit has changed them physically and brought them physical health.  Crossfit has done that for me too, but more importantly to me, Crossfit is MENTAL HEALTH.

I started Crossfit when Crossfit Awaken opened in April of 2011.  I had recently moved to California to be closer to family, but didn’t really have any friends outside the family.  That was hard for me because I have depression.  After suffering a tragic personal loss I began my battle for mental health. Some days I feel like hiding in my room, crawling in a dark hole and never coming out.  God has used Crossfit to help me and it has become an essential part to me winning the battle for mental health.

Research shows that physical activity is a must for people battling depression.  For me Crossfit combines the benefits of physical activity with the social interaction I so desperately need.  Before I started Crossfit I would exercise regularly, but it was always missing something.  I found it hard to motivate myself to workout even though I knew it would be good for me mentally.  The unique social dynamic of CFA helps keep me motivated to continue going back.  When I feel like the depression is starting to take hold and control my actions all I have to do is get myself to CFA and I immediately start to feel like fighting instead of giving in and crawling into a dark hole.   The encouragement I get from my friends at CFA feeds my spirit.  I thank God for this amazing group of people and for Crossfit Awaken!

When I don’t make it into CFA I can feel myself being pulled into that dark hole and I find it so hard to fight.  I have come to realize that I NEED Crossfit.  If depression is something that you struggle with, I encourage you to try Crossfit.  I truly believe it has changed my life and I enjoy life more because God brought me to Crossfit Awaken.


Josh Contreras

How crossfit became my life addiction to a better me. Ever since I was able to walk I have been playing sports. You name a sport I have played it at one point in my life.  I have always been the well-rounded athlete, tall, slender, and agile, but I have always been the weak one out of a group, not being able to hit home runs, throw the hardest or even the fastest. I’ve always felt a little self concious and disappointed with my strength. I’ve worked out in the past but could never really build any real muscle. Until i started crossfit 1 year ago.
I first heard of crossfit through my friend Jaimeson who was a member of Crossfit Redlands but had heard that coach brown was starting a new crossfit in Beaumont, which was much closer to home and more reasonable priced. He kept telling me that crossfit was no joke and it would get me the results I wanted. The first time I met Coach B and wod’d at the garage box I immediately became addicted. with the weeks to follow I began to wonder when this was going to get to easy, but the beautiful thing about crossfit is that your challenging yourself with faster times and heavier weight so I guess you can say that the sky is the limit.
Crossfit Awaken has become a part of my life that makes me feel blessed to go and kick my bodies butt. We at CFA have become a family between the members and our Humble, inspiring, loving coaches. We help each other push harder through the workouts, encourage each other to accomplish the impossible, and just make it fun.
February 4th 2012 was my first real test of what Crossfit has done for me, Chris encouraged me to compete in the Next Level Invitational for southern california crossfit. When Coach B first told me he wanted me to compete i just chuckled at him and said those guys would tear my scrawny butt up. i know i may have the speed and endurance but there’s a lot of strength lifting at those comps. Coach B believed I had what it took at the competing level and being in contention so i put my trust in him and worked my hardest to represent CFA and show myself how far Ive come since that first day at the garage box. I ended up taking 4th out of 60 in my division. I couldn’t believe it but Crossfit has helped me get into the Best shape of my life thanks to my Crossfit Addiction and everyone at CFA. Now Couch B has asked me to come on to the CFA coaching staff and become Endurance cert coach. So look for my endurance class in June 2012.

Ben Rodriguez

I choose CFA for a couple of reasons.  A lot of my friends Cross fit and told me to try different boxes to find one that I feel most comfortable with. I tried a couple of other Boxes in the area and found out there was one right by me ( Awaken)  I did a trial with my Wife, Neighbor Zack and his wife Crystal  and we found that the coaches were very thorough and explained things a lot more and seemed to really care.  My biggest thing was I want to push myself but never get seriously hurt.  I feel that CFA knows how to do this without risking injuries to its clients.  I was a Gym guy and never cross fitted so I needed to join somewhere that would break Cross fit down and help me get the proper movements right.  All the other boxes I trialed acted like I should already know what I was doing, gave me info and prices and that was it.  CFA broke it all down and welcomed me back.


Becky Melendrez

Hi everyone my name is Becky Melendrez.   I just want to share with everyone that Crossfit Awaken has been one of the things that has changed my life in every aspect, not only in how I feel (which is great!!), but how proud I am about myself.  This is because I have accomplished great things that I never thought I could do.  Also I love all my coaches, starting with Chris Brown, Danielle, Debbie, Justin, Chris L., Daniel, and others that have coached.  All of you are awesome and most important care for us, and everyone is so friendly, so I consider everyone like Family!! Thank you all coaches for the great work and time you put into coaching us. For those that are new please don’t give up the more you work at it the better you will feel better about yourself!! Love you all.


Transformation Testimonials

CrossFit changes lives in more ways than one.  Here are a few personal stories of how CrossFit Awaken helped to transform our members.

Peter Dixon

I have always been quite active, participating in soccer, rock climbing, mountain biking, volleyball and other sports. However, I knew I was not being as challenged by these on a weekly basis. Also, having a growing family allowed for less and less time for the hobbies I wanted to pursue. The efficiency of Crossfit allowed me to pursue a great challenge, while not taking up a lot of my time. Most of my transformation comes from the unseen. Mental strength, better balance, coordination, speed, endurance, leadership, and skill are just a few things that have changed dramatically. Sure, it’s nice to look great aesthetically, but that is small byproduct compared to everything else I have gained from Crossfit.

 Dustin Summers

Growing up I was always kind of a bigger kid. I guess you could say that I was a “corn fed” kid if you wanted. Growing up I was always active outdoors & competed in sports, especially football & wrestling. After high school, I stayed active by going to the gym & still did a lot of activities outdoors. But something just seemed like it was still missing. I wasn’t achieving my full potential. I still had that athlete inside of me wanting to compete against others & prove myself. Then I found the sport that would change my whole lifestyle… Crossfit. When I tried my first WOD, it was like a rush that I couldn’t explain, & I loved it. I was instantly hooked. When you’re in a traditional gym you usually workout with one or two partners if you’re lucky, but for the most part you’re on your own with nobody there to really push you to achieve your goals. Crossfit is like a fitness family, where everyone supports & pushes everybody to achieve their goals both inside and outside of the box. That family like atmosphere is what really hooked me into Crossfit. Not to mention the results that I had gotten in just a short amount of time. With 3 months of Crossfit, I could see abs! Abs that I had been working so long for. Learning & follow the paleo diet helped me to achieve that. I lost body fat, gained lean muscle mass, & everyone noticed it. Crossfit didn’t just change the way I eat or train. It change my whole lifestyle for the best. I now live a much healthier & happier life, & I owe it all to Crossfit. Now I am a regular competitor in Crossfit competitions around Southern California, & my inner athlete is thriving. Thank you Crossfit Awaken, for everything.

Jayme Nunez


Maintaining my weight has always been something that I had to work at. I have always stayed active doing some kind of exercise or another such as running or workout videos…but it was so mundane and repetitive that eventually I would get bored and try something else. Same went for diet. I didn’t grow up knowing how to eat the healthy way…usually I just ate what I wanted and always struggled to maintain my weight. When I joined crossfit, I did so because I liked the fact that I didn’t have to decide what workout I was going to do… It’s decided for you, you just have to show up. I noticed results immediately and when I was introduced to the paleo diet, and maintaining my weight stopped becoming such an issue. I love crossfit not only for the change I’ve seen in my body but also for how it’s impacted my life as a whole.


Megan Mendoza

I signed up at CFA last July (2013), and I was really scared and nervous to go to the box alone. I would go occasionally with Jackie  but never was consistent. It wasn’t till November that I started showing up at least once or twice a week but it wasn’t easy! Jackie had to literally text me all morning to get me up but she never gave up on me! I finally started to comfortable being in the box but rarely went with out my buddy! Then one day I saw that they needed some girls for a competition and i signed up and that really inspired me to be there more! It was really motivating to see all the athletes perform and the support that was given!  After the last Femme Royale I was really motivated to do another competition and to how far I can go! The slim down for summer challenge really got me dialed in on eating clean and being consistent I now work out 5 days a week and don’t need help getting out of bed! I have officially become addicted to cross fit and am in love with the feeling I have everyday! I’ve met a lot of amazing people who are strong and encouraging! Nothing is impossible and I’m now comfortable with being uncomfortable! Thank you.  Love my CrossFit Awaken Family!