Got Goals

Sep 17, 2018

 by chris brown

Got Goals? 

Here at CrossFit Awaken, you will frequently hear our staff talk about goals, and the important role they play in not only your fitness, but in your everyday life.  Creating goals is a part of life and whether you realize it or not, you're constantly setting new goals for yourself.  

Some days, it may simply be to get to bed before midnight, other days it may be to avoid eating junk food.  The next day, you may dream about completing a muscle-up.

It's human nature to have a desire to progress and better yourself at tasks and overcome obstacles.  We especially encourage you to actively engage in this thought process for your fitness and health goals. 

The first thing we suggest is to determine your goal and consult with your coach to set up a plan of action to achieve that goal.  Your CFA coaches will be happy to sit down with you and draft your personalized plan.

For example, your goal may be to lose 10 pounds of fat in 30 days.  Okay, how are you going to do that? This presents an opportunity to write out a plan of action, and to be as detailed as possible. 

We'll say:


  • I will go to the gym three times per week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 a.m. 
    • Even more detailed:  I will schedule these times in my calendar. I will have my gym clothes ready and prepared the night before. I will go to bed early the night before. I will set my alarm clock so I will not oversleep. I will get up in time to eat breakfast. 


  1. I will change my nutrition and start to eat more healthy.  I will sit down and establish a nutrition plan with the help of my coach so I know what foods to eat, and how much of those foods, to help me reach my goal the most efficiently.
    • Even more detailed:  I will eat five times per day, incorporating paleo nutrition. I will buy a cookbook on paleo to help me through the process. I will prepare my food in advance so that I will never go without a meal and end up being hungry. I will not eat out at all because I may be tempted to eat off my plan.  Every time I get a craving to eat off my plan, I will fill that desire with other activities. 
  2. I will be aware of what I am putting in my mouth. 
    • Even more detailed:  I will journal my food every day and share it with a friend I trust and my coach or coaches so they can hold me accountable. I will be honest with what I journal. 

This is how to create a plan of action. Not so tough, right?

You are far more likely to be successful when you write out your goals and everything you will do to reach them. Be prepared for anything and everything so you that know exactly how to deal with the situation if it were to come up. 

Our CFA members have likely noticed (and hopefully filled out) our goal boards at the gym.  For many years, we've set up a yearly goal board, but we've recently launched a 30-day goal project as well.  This is so we can each focus on achieving some goals that might be a bit more easily attainable than our year-long goals.  Or, perhaps for some of us, the 30-day goal exercise will help hold us accountable as we progress towards those 2018 goals previously set.  

If you haven't already thought about both your 2018 or 30-day goals, it's not too late.  The CrossFit Awaken staff and community is here to help you set your goals, and better yet — achieve them.

Just remember, an arrow with no target hits nothing.