Make Better choices on the weekends

Oct 19, 2018

 by Chris Brown

Staying On Point

You've been working hard all week.  Meals were prepped.  Nutrition was balanced.  Several workouts were completed.  You stayed on point.  Awesome.

Then... the weekend arrives.  It's time to let loose, right? Head on out to all those parties, go to the river, eat a box of junk food at the movies. When Monday rolls around, you get back into your routine. 

But why? We live in a culture and environment where we live for our weekends.  We want to indulge in restaurant meals with our friends or skip a workout so that we can sleep in or "veg out."  And we especially don't want people telling us we can't go out and party and drink those beers that we've "earned" from all our hard work.  

However, if you're living in this cycle, you're effectively taking a step back on your fitness and health.  Two steps forward during the week; one step backward come the weekend.

Yes, it's much easier to stick to a routine during the workweek, when we have a solid schedule to follow.  But there's no reason why we should blow it all. 

CrossFit Awaken's coaches encourage our clients to do what they can to keep up their progress come Saturday and Sunday.

"Unfortunately, if you really, truly want to reach your goals, you have to change that going-out mentality," CFA's Chris Brown says.  "No one's telling you that you can and can't do anything; you're the one that's making the choice because you want to better yourself, you want to live more of a healthy, productive lifestyle and you're ready to take it to the next level."

And this isn't all just related to exercise.  You'll find you will start making better gains on your goals related to all aspects of your life — be it your job, family or fitness — if you are willing to sacrifice some behaviors that are not productive to your longterm goals.

Think about this.  If you splurge on your drinks and meals Friday night, skip the gym and go out to eat a giant feast on Saturday, then have that hangover brunch on Sunday, there go three days of your week.  If you do that every weekend, that adds up to 12 days — approximately 40 percent of the month — that you aren't on point. 

We're not saying you have to limit everything on the weekends.  But by making some simple changes and becoming more cognizant of your weekend behavior, you'll be on your way to keeping your workweek progress up. 

Start by eating a healthy breakfast on the weekends to get your day off right.  If you go out with friends and want to drink, try to limit your alcohol intake. 

Most importantly, make sure you keep moving.

One of the easiest changes you can make to your weekend routine can be as simple as stopping by for one of our Saturday morning classes at CrossFit Awaken.  Or just go outside and take a jog or play outdoors with your kids for a bit. 

We want to see you grow and our awesome staff at CFA is here to keep you motivated — all seven days of the week.