Should I be Lifting Weights

Aug 18, 2018

 by chris brown

Why Do We Weight Train?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines strength as "the quality or state of being strong." While that's the meaning of the word in the most literal sense, in CrossFit it's the implication of what "strength" can deliver that truly matters.

When we strength train in CrossFit, we are not just training to be "strong." We are training to be better overall in everything we do — in both the gym and in our lives outside the box.

"Everything in the real world demands strength in one way or another," says CrossFit Awaken's Chris Brown. "You must be able to pick things up and put things down. As we all get older, our muscles will atrophy and we will naturally become weaker. We all want to be self-sufficient for as long as possible so it only make sense to be as strong as we can for as long as we can."

Who can honestly say they don't want to be more self-sufficient? (That's right, not you!)

If you have to start somewhere, start with the basics. By even just building your strength using weights in these three movements, you'll be sure to notice an improvement in your life: 

  • Squat: Squats will help strengthen your entire body, both your bones and your muscles (and your knees!), and increase flexibility.
  • Deadlift: Other than the squat, there might not be another movement that is more “functional.” From the grocery store, to moving a piece of furniture, to picking your child up off the floor – you are deadlifting.
  • Press: Looking to build strong shoulders, chest, and arms, while working the rest of your body as well? Look no further! The press helps improve deficiencies in your overall upper body strength, so you can ensure you are safe while pressing any object overhead.

If you work on increasing your strength, you'll notice that your other movements at CrossFit will get easier, as well.  Plus, the more muscle you build, the more fat you will burn.

"A lot of people think that just doing a ton of cardio will get them into great shape, but it's important to also include some core strength-building, too," Brown says.

Like to run?  Lifting weights will make your legs stronger and you'll cut time off your mile run as a result.  

Like to play ball?  Building your upper body will help you throw a baseball even faster. 

And if you're nervous about lifting weights, don't let the idea intimidate you.  Find a good gym with a coach who can walk you through the proper movements and you'll be up and lifting in no time.

CrossFit Awaken is a great place to take your strength training to the next level!  In addition to our CrossFit and CrossFit Lite classes, we offer a strength-specific class three days per week.  Check out our schedule of classes here and contact us for your free trial to building your strength now!