Help Others, Change the World, Live A Great Life As A Fitness Coach!

Every single day, fitness coaches and trainers enter and leave the industry frustrated and are sad that they can’t make a decent living while changing lives doing what they love. 

These people are incredibly talented at what they do, but the fitness industry doesn’t focus on paying a livable wage, and with the market and competition it can be next to impossible to do it on their own. 

If things don’t change, it creates a cycle of churn and a cycle of losing amazing fitness coaches and trainers.

Trainers work for membership and rarely have the ability to make more money or control how much money they actually make. 

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

What if fitness coaches and trainers had the opportunity to build a book of business and scale their income with no ceiling along the way?

What if fitness coaches and trainers had the opportunity to live amazing lives with the ability to scale up, raise a family, and buy a house?

The good news is taking excellent care of staff is precisely our focus and what we’re looking to build with our open coaching position. 

Like anything worthwhile, this won’t be easy, but an opportunity like this, it always fills fast. 

Email if you're interested.  Let’s change the world!