How Long have you been at CrossFit Awaken?

I have been with CrossFit Awaken for almost 3 years

How long have you been a diehard CrossFitter?

I started Crossfitting in 2016 and fell in love with it. 


What inspired you to become a part of CrossFit Awaken? 


I love helping people and I loved what CrossFit Awaken was doing for me physically and mentally. 

Tell us about the community at CrossFit Awaken 

CrossFit Awaken is really one of a kind. Everyone is like one big family, we all support and uplift each other. 


What’s the most common mistakes you see among new athletes at your affiliate? 

Trying to do too much too quick. It’s hard not to get competitive but you have to go at your own pace. If you try and do too much weight or get too intense when you’re new you’ll burn yourself out or even hurt yourself. 

If you could give someone new to CrossFit just one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Trust your coaches, they know what they are doing. Let them guide you and you will succeed and each your goals. 


If ‘Jerrica Mendoza was a WOD, what would it be? 

Hmm I would have to say something with barbell cycling. I love to throw heavy weight around. 

What’s your biggest goal and what are you doing about it? 

Right now, my goal is to finish my nutrition certification. I set aside time each week to read and study so I can start helping members at our gym with their nutrition along with Coach Danielle.

What is your favorite Cheat Meal?

SUSHI! I could have it every cheat meal! 

What is your favorite movement?

Definitely cleans

What is your favorite thing to WOD in?

My fleo shorts and a muscle tank