A goal without a plan is just a wish...

Make some Movement!


Step 1: Set up your free trial


We want to meet you and invite you in for a free class!  Don’t worry, there is no obligation to join. You need to experience a class to understand what Crossfit can be for you. Our coaching staff wants to make your experience with us amazing. Please visit the schedule page, http://crossfitawaken.com/schedule/. Select a CrossFit or Crossfit lite class time then follow the quick guest registration link.

Step 2: Come enjoy your free introduction class


You set up your class time, now come work out with people just like you who have decided to make CrossFit Awaken part of their life. There is no obligation to join, just the expectation that you will have a great time and can decide if CrossFit Awaken is right for you.


Step 3: Set up your foundation classes


If you decide to take the leap and join CrossFit Awaken, your final step will be to set up your foundation classes. Once you complete the classes your ready to join the group classes and start realizing the goals you had that lead you to join! Foundation classes are not required for Crossfit Lite.

Step 4: Find your joy.


Achieve your goals, become part of the CrossFit Awaken community, and change your life. Clients just like you have changed their life at CrossFit Awaken, they are all ready to welcome you to the community as well!


Don't make excuses..

Make Progress!!!

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The time is now. Take some action.